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4am Morning Alarm Harana..

So ito yung story, alam ko po na dapat gigising ako ng early kasi may lakad kami ni tatay, but unfortunately umatake si Insomnia ko kaya di ako nakatulog till 4am. Nung narinig ko na paakyat na si tatay sa kwarto, bigla akong tumago sa ilalim ng kumot. And then I usually expect him to seat beside my bed then pokes me until i wake up but he didn’t.. he just keep saying “Gising na, sus.. di tayo pwede ma tagalan, galit nanay mo nyan”. And me was like “oh lagi, mag baba na ako maya2”. And then I heard the Guitar Strum and i was like “whaaat!? You know pala mag guitar tay? Wait picturan kita” haha.. so that was the story. K..


I’m not into MARRIAGE yet but i do value my current FAMILY. I’m still looking for a JOB which should be a full time job & wanted to have another SUCCESSFUL business which should be successful & bountiful than the first one. Yes, I’m ADJUSTING to accept the fact that I’m no longer a student but still continues to read & study. In addition, ASSESSMENT is highly needed in my Life.

Therefore, i can’t do this alone without Him. :)

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